Web Designing Tips

Understanding what employers are looking for in an applicant in web design jobs is difficult. To secure a position as a web designer with a top company it’s not adequate to look and act the part. There are many other factors which will help you clinch that job.

Here is a good checklist to better prepare you for the interview.

1.    Create a web portfolio.

-       A good versatile web portfolio is a powerful commodity. It is a wonderful way to present and advertise yourself. It is easy and also is the quickest way to display your skills to a worldwide audience. Keep this updated.

2.     Brush up your skills

-       During the interview you may be asked to create an html page. Basic guideline is ensure that you are up to date with any skill that you have stated in your resume.

3.     It’s all about passion

-       Demonstrate a true enthusiasm for web design. All interviewers want to sign up someone who enjoys their work and it is not just a means to an end. Displaying a strong interest within web design, and further developing your skills will give you an added advantage.

4.     Plan ahead

-       Plan, Practice and Present. In that order. For anyone to crack a web design job interview, planning ahead is a must.

5.     Know your answers well

-       Most interviewers like to ask very typical questions like:

o    Tell me about yourself?

o    Where do you see yourself in the next 3 to 5 years?

o    Why should we hire you?

-       Do not be vague about these. Have answers ready. Which show your strengths and validate you for the position you applied for.

6.     Keep your questions ready

-       ask questions when invited

-       web designers ought to know their audience

-       keep a list ready and show the interviewer that you have researched the company well

-       talk about the strengths of various mediums

-       Have ready answers for strategies you’ve used to convey technical web design


Web design jobs are a plentiful but finding the right talent, with the fantastic mix of passion and expertise is a tall order. If you have these secret ingredients, then no one can stop you from achieving great heights.